Providing financial tools that enhance seamless payment for the unbanked

Our mission is to make financial services available to everyone, including those who are excluded from the traditional banking system.

Our Solutions

Our solutions are largely tied to creating equal opportunities for the unbanked and underserved communities, bringing them into the formal financial system

Simplified Peer-Peer Payment Systems

Yada is a peer to peer electronic payments network that allows users to send, receive and request money in a more secure and personal way.

Bulk Payment Systems

Say goodbye to the days of slow bulk payment processing . Yada lets you make bulk disbursements within minutes conveniently.

Conditional Cash Transfer Infrastructure

The centralized platform enables targeted payments to individuals who cannot access other financial services due to an unintentional absence of a formal, formalized bank account

Banking the unbanked
population through
Financial Technology

We believe financial services must work toward the goal of creating global communities. We seek to deliver cost-effective, inclusive and accessible financial services, innovative products, and technology that deliver value through real-time personalised recommendations.

Building Infrastructures
for personalized
digital experiences

We help institutions build personalized digital experiences for their customers, leveraging technology as a bridge between organizations and their clients/targets.

Addressing the problem at the heart of financial exclusion,
we’re banking the unbanked.